Scranton @ Rutgers

November 12, 2016


MONMOUTH JUNCTION–Scranton headed down to ProSkate tonight to take on Rutgers in their first faceoff since the GNCHC championship final at the end of last season. Tensions were running high heading into the game, with the ghosts of last season haunting the arena. Both teams had something to prove, with Scrsnton out to prove their role as the better team and Rutgers trying to hold their win streak against Scranton.

Scrsnton took the ice in the first period with Junior Jim Behan in the net. Behan has had one hell of a season so far, and has high expectations for himself in net. Scranton and Rutgers both came out playing with the forethought that their opposition was going to play it rough, leaving a lot to be desired from both sides. Rutgers was the more aggressive team throughout the first, but Scranton managed to fend off their attacks until the end of the period, when Rutgers scored the first goal of the game.

The teams took the ice for the second period with Scranton up for a powerplay due to a call after the end of the first. Rutgers thwarted Scranton's efforts to capitalize off the advantage and Scranton went on tne defensive for much of the period, and in spite of the msny chances they had, failed to gain the upper hand. Rutgers scored an additional two goals, one midway through the period and one at the end to bring the score up to 3-0.

The third period was easily the most eventful of the game. In spite of a quick goal by Rutgers, Scranton came out for the attack. Junior Alex DiMeo got the boys on track with a beautiful goal assisted by Freshman Anthony Piombino to put Scranton on the scoresheet. The next line went out to prove themselves as well, with Freshman Marc "Slav" Gurega scoring an unassisted goal. Capitalizing off the momentum, Senior and first-time captain Maciej "Magic" Wesolowski scored Scranton's third goal with assists by Sophomore Dan Blazejewski and Junior Mike Manfredonia. Scranton suddenly found themselves in the middle of a hockey game, with Rutgers up by one for a 4-3 deficit. The two teams battled on and Rutgers managed another goal to bring them up 5-3. Scranton wouldn't allow for their momentum to be killed and kept up the fight heading into the final minutedd of the game. With a whistle blown at 26 seconds left in the game, Head Coach Tim Moran elected to pull Behan from the net. Despite the advantage of the addional skater, Scranton found themselved unable to manage the chance to tie the game. Scranton registered their third league loss of the season and heads to Amish country next Friday to take on PSU Berks and Saturday they travel to The Lawrenceville School to head off against NJIT at the Prudential Center.